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The village of Svoronata is one of the largest in the municipality of Livathos. Located close to the capital and the airport it has a small tourist development. It is an area that offers peace and serenity and has everything from rooms to restaurants on the beach where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset. The village has been developed for a reason, to offer the tourists a location where they can enjoy the beauty of the island away from the hustle and bustle of the busy resort of Lassi. However you can find a bit of life and excitement in the village you just need to look for it.Recently a small marina has been built here allowing access from the sea for yachts and small boats wishing to stop off on their journey around the Ionian sea. In Lassi can be found a small church where the Patron Saint of the island Saint Gerasimos lived for five years from1555. This is a small, picturesque church worth visiting on an afternoon stroll.

Lord Byron

One of the largest friend of the greeks was Lord Byron, during the Revolution of 1821 stayed on the island of Kefalonia, specifically at the village of Lakithra. He was born in London in 1788, to the aristocratic family of Captain John Byron and his second wife Catherine Gordon. In 1823 in London he prepared an Assistance Commission for the fight of Greeks against the Turks and was chosen to represent the committee ‘Vyronas’ (Byron). His first stop was the island of Kefalonia, where he stayed for 6 months in the house of ‘Komi Deladetsima’, a close friend of the hero of the Revolution, ‘Mavrokordatou’.

Lord Byron died a year later in Mesologi. During his stay, however, he developed a special relationship with a site in Lakithra. There is a rock, known as the ‘Bryon’s Rock’. This is a place where Byron used to sit and ponder and be inspired for his poems in an area with a magnificent view across the Ionian all the way to Zakynthos. Today there is a sign on the main road that leads the visitor to this, taking you back in time to a turbulent era for the nation which nevertheless revealed important personalities

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